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Own New


​The Own New Rate Reducer, buyers have options to reduce mortgage interest rates by up to 2.38%, making it easier and more affordable to secure your dream home. 

(Available on selected plots only)

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Reduced rates & Smaller deposits

Contact us today to find out how we can help find your dream home with Own New.

(Available on selected plots only)

How it works

Find one of our selected properties you love

Arrange your your mortgage with one of our approved Own New mortgage brokers

They'll help you determine if Own New's Rate Reducer or Deposit Drop is right for you 

Own 100% of your new home


We have partnered with Own New

to bring you a simpler, hassle-free way to get an affordable mortgage on a new build property.

You get a normal mortgage and own 100% of your home.

  • 1. Assessment
    The first step is to contact us with details of your land. Once we have identified the land, we will carry out a desktop evaluation, followed by a site meeting.
  • 2. Agreement
    If there is potential value in your land, we will discuss the options available with you. Should you wish to proceed, we will prepare a Legal Agreement outlining our offer and detailing what you will achieve from your land sale. Once an Agreement is in place, we will proceed to work to unlock the value in your land.
  • 3. Promotion
    Every Local Authority allocates specific land for development in what is called the Local Development Plan or Framework. If it is the case that your land falls outside of these areas, we will promote your land on your behalf by continually monitoring and making appropriate representations for the site’s inclusion in future plans. As part of this process, we will carry out appropriate surveys to help promote the land correctly. We also ensure that we keep up to date with prevailing planning policies of central and relevant local government, in order to maximise the value and the amount of land allocated for development within any future Planning Application.
  • 4. Application
    The first step is to submit a pre-planning application to the Council, outlining the proposals. Once submitted, it takes up to 8 weeks for a response. The pre-application advice provides valuable guidance on how a Council would like to see a scheme delivered. The 8-week period is a perfect time to engage the local community for their support and feedback. A scheme is then designed which takes into account community feedback and the pre-application advice. Once the pre-planning surveys are complete and the planning drawings are ready, a formal planning application is submitted to the Council. The Council will formally validate the application and give a clear determination date (up to 13 weeks for more than 10 units and up to 8 weeks for 10 units or less). Communication with the Council is ongoing during this time in order to ensure that any issues that may arise are dealt with promptly. Once all the necessary paperwork is in place, a formal planning notice is issued.
  • 5. Appeals
    Whilst we have an excellent track record of successful planning applications, there is never a guarantee that permission will be granted on initial review. This could be as a result of a number of reasons. Nevertheless, if the planning application does not succeed at the initial stage, it does not mean to say that permission is not achievable. We have considerable experience in the appeal process and understand what is required in order to get a decision overturned. If there is a good chance that the decision could be overturned, we will proceed with the necessary steps in order to obtain permission on appeal.
  • 6. Sale
    Once permission has been granted, the value of your land will be realised either by way of a sale to Pearce Fine Homes or a third party, depending on the terms of our Agreement. We pride ourselves in having excellent relationships with landowners by communicating effectively and ensuring that the sales process is dealt with swiftly and seamlessly.


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Although we have good jobs and have both had salary rises and can afford to pay a mortgage, we only had a small deposit and most deals were for a deposit of 10 per cent or more.... we would not have been able to buy it without the help of the Own New five percent mortgage. We are so grateful.

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The deal we have got will see us pay £1,050 a month on the mortgage for our own three- bedroom house while the flat we were sharing in Newcastle city centre was costing £1,200 a month to rent.”

Lee and Caroline Gunning

Family of 4 (plus dog) who upsized into a larger property with Own New’s Deposit Drop

Jack Williams and Jacob Clark

Young couple who bought their first home in Durham using Own New’s Deposit Drop

Independent financial advice must be sought from a regulated mortgage broker to access this scheme. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up your mortgage repayments

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