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Let us do the hard work for you. Together with Moving Made Easy, we will help make the move to your dream home as stress-free as possible.


Choose your new Pearce Fine Homes home


We will arrange for your house to be valued by three local independent estate agents


Once you have agreed a sale price, the local estate agents will market your property and secure the best possible price.


When your house is sold, we will contribute up to £3,000 towards your estate agent’s fee.


You move into your new Pearce Fine Homes home!

Pearce Fine Homes

Helping You Sell

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We are also able to provide help and assistance with removals so please just get in touch.

Helping You Sell Case Study

John and Sue from Southampton* fell in love with one of our Pearce Fine Homes homes. The only problem was that they had a house to sell. Our experienced sales team introduced them to our Helping You Sell scheme. After agreeing a valuation with three independent agents, John and Sue put their house on the market just before Christmas and it sold within three days. Becoming proceedable in such a short space of time meant that they were in a position to exchange contracts and secure their Pearce Fine Homes home.

*names and details changed to protect anonymity

Here to Help

Helping to make the process of buying your new home as stress-free as possible

If you still have some questions, please feel free to get in touch, we'd love to help.

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