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Our Commitment to Sustainability

No doubt everyone’s perspective has started to change this year. Now more than ever, the future of property development has come into focus. As a new home builder, we have an important role to play in combatting climate change by reducing our impact and safeguarding our environment. That is why we are making sure that sustainability is at the heart of our projects, resulting in our build processes becoming greener.

We are very proud of our recent carbon neutral award in respect of our own new offices in Dobwalls, near Liskeard, and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible, whilst providing each homeowner with economic and sustainable homes for the future. As a family-run Cornwall-based business, we are delighted that Cornwall Council is leading the way in tackling climate change. We fully support their efforts and consider that collaboration is essential for successful and sustainable regeneration.

Watch out for our Hedgehog Highways at our Newton Ferrers site in Devon. Click on the hedgehog to read more about our Sustainability policy.

Click here for more information about our current developments.

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